St. Johns River by Heather Hummel

St. Johns River by Heather Hummel
St. Johns River by Heather Hummel Photography

Monday, November 26, 2012

Heather Hummel Photography's 2013 Calendar

Heather Hummel Photography is Spreading Pixel Dust throughout 2013! From land to sea, these top 12 Mother Nature inspired images will make your year ahead a visually appealing one! Happy Holidays!
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Featured Photographer: Marcel Pepin

I've asked the Marvelous Marcel Pepin to return to My Photographer Friends Blog to explain how he creatively captured this great image. Thanks, Marcel!

Looking at thousands of pictures every week, I had come to the realization that I am tired of the same Points of View (POV) or same angle, same composition.

Mmy searches for cheaper alternatives left me empty handed, or potentially with an empty wallet. So, I created my own tool of the trade and used a $25 Paint Rolling Telescopic Extension, with slight modifications, to become a 12 foot (3.5m) monopod for my camera. With that, I was able to capture this image. 

Giving a better perspective, the image below, by Rich Olejnik, shows me standing on the street corner (left) holding the monopod.

Marcel Pepin was raised on National Geographic, and always wanting the life, photography has been with him for 40 years. Always as a serious hobby, with the odd pro job, he is now looking into committing to his next career.
Visit Marcel's FaceBook Fan Page to see more of his work.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Featured Photographer: Keith Dotson

Avenue of the Oaks, Savannah - Keith Dotson

This long drive way is the unbelievably beautiful entrance to a ruined colonial plantation home near Savannah. This procession runs 1.5 miles, lined the entire way by 400 massive, arching, vine-covered oak trees--every branch draped in Spanish Moss. I got lucky on the day I photographed the lane, because it was cloudy and the light was flat. A strong direct sun would have made harsh shadows and made the image too complex. Although I use a variety of film and digital cameras, this image was created with a Canon 7D using a 70-200 L lens.

Keith Dotson Bio:
The landscape, both natural and urban, is the basis of my art. With photography, I seek to capture the essence and spirit of the subject. I'm drawn to black and white because I enjoy the drama and emotion, the texture and power that only black and white images can portray. My work has been shown in art galleries in California, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Toronto, and Tennessee. It has also appeared in major TV programs and TV commercials, and is scheduled to appear in a major motion picture now in production. My photos have also been sold by major retailers like Urban Outfitters and

Currently my photographs are represented by Bentley Global Arts Group (Austin), Wallspace LA (Los Angeles), Advocate Art (London), and Art + Artisans (Austin and Houston).

I've also worked as a professional art director for over 25 years, and taught art and design classes at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas, and at Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas. Originally from Texas, I'm a single parent, currently living in the Nashville area. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Featured Photographer: Robin Savage

I am a single mom of two teenage sons. I live in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge is always a favorite place for me to walk on or just look at. When it's foggy, it's my favorite time to take photos. I find the pictures always come out more interesting and you can create a story without words. I took this picture with my CanonRebel T3.

A year ago I went to a life healing center courtesy of the Dr.Drew's Lifechangers show. I had a lot of childhood trauma that I never knew how to heal from and PTSD carried me throughout my life. When I came out of the Life Healing Center, I felt like a new person but to be honest I felt I still needed something in my life to complete my healing process. A friend of mine whom I met on Facebook is a photographer and she convinced me to buy a camera. The day I started to take pictures-it was healing in a way therapy could never do for me. Photography teaches us all to live in the moment and the more we take pictures, we realize the present is more important than the past or the future. I never leave home without my camera. My sons are even into photography and I feel it's a great tool for them because I feel they will always respect our environment and to always live in the present.

Follow Robin on Twitter: @RSavageSF

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Featured Photographer: Doug Bailey

While my photographic passion takes me to locations all over the west coast, I am especially drawn to the Temecula Valley, which is  located just north of San Diego and an hour East of Los Angeles. With it's Balloon Festivals, outstanding Wine Country, unique Ecological Preserves, Eventful Old Town, and Amazing Back Country vistas, the Temecula Valley offers me an outstanding opportunity to capture the Southern California essence that draws people from all over the world.
I shoot with my Canon T3i, and I only use three lenses, a Cannon 18-55mm f/3.4-5.0  IS II,  a Canon 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS II, and a Canon f/1.8 50mm prime lens. I cannot leave out my little Mini Cooper convertible as an essential partner for finding these pics, nothing better than a top down cruise to see all of you  photo opportunities!   For post processing I use Light Room 4, which is giving me good results.  I never shoot HDR, I simply try to find the best natural light possible.  And when on a photo shoot I take along an arsenal of mental images consisting of scenes and vignettes I want to catch, in fact I have dreamed of images that I have found on subsequent shoots.

When asked to describe his approach to photography, Doug Bailey usually will say he is just "Finding Photos." But one look at his work reveals so much more.  Doug has combined his sense of adventure, fun, patience, and skill to create some truly memorable images.  His ability to see a subject in the perfect combination of light, line, and shadow is a rare talent and he creates images described as pleasing to the soul as well as the eye. Doug Bailey lives and has his studio in the Temecula Valley area of Southern California.