St. Johns River by Heather Hummel

St. Johns River by Heather Hummel
St. Johns River by Heather Hummel Photography

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Computer Device That Saved My Hand - Penclic Mouse

My real estate photography business not only requires that I be on the computer a lot, but that I have precision in the processing of my photos. While a laptop is convenient for on the fly access to my images, it comes with the one feature I can’t stand—the touchpad. I was genetically given piano playing hands with sinewy fingers, which means crunching them up to use the touchpad is simply uncomfortable. 

However, that all changed a few months ago when I started using the Penclic Ambidextrous Mouse. It holds in your hand like a pen, which is way more comfortable than either the touchpad or the traditional mouse. As a ghostwriter, when I’m not out with my camera, the Penclic reminds me of my old fashioned quill pen sans the ink, but boasting today’s technology demands, including these three cool features:

  • ·         use either your left or right hand
  • ·         have the option of three different buttons and a scroll wheel
  • ·         it’s both PC and Mac compatible.

So, after a long day of photographing homes, and when it’s time to process the 30 plus images for my realtors, I welcome the comfort of using the Penclic. I will say that the only adjustment I had to make was to lessen the sensitivity of the mouse speed in the Control Panel. Once I did that, it was spot on and easy to use. No matter what you do on the computer, this device will increase performance because you can work longer without your hands cramping up.
One last note: I have the USB version in black because my laptop doesn’t support Bluetooth, but either are available, and I would have preferred the Bluetooth version, which I will get when I upgrade my laptop!

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