St. Johns River by Heather Hummel

St. Johns River by Heather Hummel
St. Johns River by Heather Hummel Photography

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Featured Photographer: Marcel Pepin

I've asked the Marvelous Marcel Pepin to return to My Photographer Friends Blog to explain how he creatively captured this great image. Thanks, Marcel!

Looking at thousands of pictures every week, I had come to the realization that I am tired of the same Points of View (POV) or same angle, same composition.

Mmy searches for cheaper alternatives left me empty handed, or potentially with an empty wallet. So, I created my own tool of the trade and used a $25 Paint Rolling Telescopic Extension, with slight modifications, to become a 12 foot (3.5m) monopod for my camera. With that, I was able to capture this image. 

Giving a better perspective, the image below, by Rich Olejnik, shows me standing on the street corner (left) holding the monopod.

Marcel Pepin was raised on National Geographic, and always wanting the life, photography has been with him for 40 years. Always as a serious hobby, with the odd pro job, he is now looking into committing to his next career.
Visit Marcel's FaceBook Fan Page to see more of his work.

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