St. Johns River by Heather Hummel

St. Johns River by Heather Hummel
St. Johns River by Heather Hummel Photography

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Featured Photographer: Jarrett Arnett

I was at the zoo with my daughter, who is enamored with Flamingos.  I brought her back a pink Flamingo purse from the San Diego zoo when I was out there, and she has been in love with them ever since. Every time we go to the zoo she spends a lot of the time in their area checking them out.  On this particular day I had a great opportunity to take a few pictures, and this guy you see here was just staring at me, so I snapped off a couple of shots.
Geek-Tech info:
Canon T2i at f/5.6; 1/200sec. exposure; ISO 160, Focal length 155mm.

Jarrett Arnett has been a photographer since his high school days, but took a long sebatical until about 9 months ago when he picked up his first DSLR. He hasn't put it down since. As a former Army brat, born in Hawaii, he's moved all over, but ended up in Colorado where he's been for over 20 years. Jarrett like to spend time with friends and family doing anything and everything. He's in the middle of changing careers to a Network engineer, and the apple of his eye is his almost 3 year old daughter.  

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